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Face2Face Programs

All Face2Face Programs & Services are Free of Charge


The peer panel presentations are interactive and comprised of young people in recovery who willingly volunteer to share their personal stories with their peers in an effort to prevent the real life consequences of substance abuse. This approach cannot be duplicated by a video, in a brochure or by an authoritative adult who is not relatable to the audience.

Program Goals
  • Educating young people about the dangers and consequences of substance abuse.

  • Encouraging healthy choices among youth regarding the consequences of experimentation and addiction.

  • Addressing the stereotypes of addiction, and helping young people realize the disease does not discriminate.

"You're really not that much older than me. So it was better hearing from you than some older person that wouldn't understand what's going through our heads. Hearing your story makes me want to never experiment with drugs and alcohol."

-West Seneca West Middle School Student

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