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Recovery Warriors

Find Support, Stay Involved  Give Back

Make an impact in your community. 
KED reaches over 40,000 community members a year through their Face2Face Program. As a Recovery Warrior, you would have the opportunity to make an impact in your community, by sharing your experience with substance use disorders and by showcasing the strength and hope you now possess. 

Why tell your story with us? 

  • Inspire and Support Others 

  • Reduce Stigma and Raise Awareness 

  • Self-Reflection and Healing 

  • Accountability and Personal Growth 

  • Advocacy and Social Change 


It's important to note that sharing one's story is a personal choice, and individuals in recovery should consider their own readiness, comfort level, and potential consequences before doing so. If you decide to share your story, it can be helpful to do so in supportive environments, such as support groups, counseling sessions, or platforms dedicated to recovery advocacy. 

If you are interested in becoming a Recovery Warrior, please email or call 716-827-9462 and ask to speak to a Face2Face Program Specialist.

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