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Youth Cessation

Know the risks.
Stay informed.
Get support.

About Nicotine

Nicotine is an addictive stimulant commonly found in tobacco products and e-cigarettes.

It does not cause a high but rewards the brain. This makes people continue to use it!

Fun fact: nicotine has been used in the past as an insecticide!

Nicotine contributes to the following in the adolescent brain:

1. Decrease in memory

2. Decrease in attention

3. Impairment of executive functioning

4. Increased risk for mental health and behavioral issues

5. Increase in nicotine receptors

Stages of Misuse

  • Experimentation

  • Regular Use

  • Problem or Risky Use

  • Dependence

  • Addiction

Signs of Addiction

  1. Do you continue to vape even though you want to quit?

  2. Do you feel anxious or irritable when you want to use your vape but can’t?

  3. Do thoughts about vaping interrupt you when you are focused on other activities?

  4. Do you still vape after getting in trouble with your parents or school for vaping?

  5. Have you ever tried to quit vaping but couldn’t?

  6. Do you feel like you have lost control over your vaping?

Resources. Get Help!

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