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30 Days of Remembrance: Danny Adamczyk

How does one describe Danny? Well for starters, he was a paramedic for Rural Metro. He has two brothers and a sister along with his two parents. He was very passionate about his job and just loved helping people. Random people would tell us stories about Danny saving their life or one of their loved one’s lives. He would never want to be called a hero because he just felt that it is what he was meant to do with his life. For Danny, it wasn’t crazy or unusual but just another regular day at work.

One of his favorite TV shows to watch was Family Guy and he even had a “Stewie” pillow. Like his family he was a lover of the Star Wars movies. We have a golden retriever named Jax that Danny picked out and every night they would sleep together on the couch in the living room.

Even while Danny was struggling, he would find ways to give back. He would encourage others battling addiction through the Erie County Drug Task Force by sharing his story and getting them the help, they needed. We miss Danny every day and remember the impact he made on his community. We strive to continue his mission with the Daniel J. Adamczyk Memorial Foundation and honor his legacy by raising awareness and speaking at local high schools about his life.


About Daniel J. Adamczyk Memorial Foundation

The Daniel J. Adamczyk Memorial Foundation was created to foster partnerships with local middle and high schools to provide education about the fatal nature of prescription drug abuse and provide resources to prevent future addictions. Our foundation develops outreach programs to help those battling addictions through Danny’s Bags.

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