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30 Days of Remembrance: Michael P

Submitted by Michael's Aunt Autumn

"Michael was a person with many hobbies and interests. He must have had his hands in everything twice. Just to list a few: bmx, paintball, dirt bikes, radio-controlled cars, automobiles, music, skateboarding, welding, snowboarding. I could go on and on.

The thing about Michael and all his various hobbies is that he had so much passion for all of them. He would research and learn everything he could, then apply and practice. Not that he really needed to, it just seemed like he was good at anything he set his mind to. So much so that some people would get jealous of how these things came so naturally to him. He had true raw talent.

Michael enjoyed these hobbies, but it wasn’t enough. The joy he got from these activities, he would share with any and everyone. He always wanted his friends and family to get involved because of the happiness it brought him, so he thought you had to try it too.

Michael would do anything to take his friends with him. You didn’t have a bike? He would find parts and build you one. If you didn’t have a snowboard or boots? Craigslist deals it is. Radio-controlled cars? I swear he built a car for every brother, sister, niece, and nephew. That’s just who Michael was. A man of many talents and a heart big enough to share them with anyone in an arm’s reach."

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