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30 Days of Remembrance: Scott

Scott Giovino was born in Plano Texas, October 8,1982 and passed away March 7, 2020.

Scotty cherished his relationships with his Mom, his sister Alicia, brother in law Dave, his new twin nephews, his many aunts and uncles, especially his Aunt Lisa and Deanna.

From the time Scott was born, he was lovingly adored by his family. Although “Scott” isn't a culturally based name, he grew into his name and would come to be referred to not only as Scott, but also Scotty, to his close family members and friends.

Scotty cherished his relationship with his mother, Felicia. The bond they shared was immeasurable. She was his greatest love. There isn't anything she wouldn’t do for her son. She was all accepting of Scott and embraced his identity. She had PRIDE in her son. She nurtured him, loved him, and thoroughly enjoyed the laughs and love they shared, that only a mother and son could. There was never a dull moment within the household. It was a busy place, on Ramsdell.

Scotty was an amazing athlete, through his younger years and into adulthood. He played little league baseball with Hertel North Park. He played for the Regals. He played hockey for four years and became a referee because he mastered hockey and became a professional. Scott loved attending St. Margaret’s and made life-long friends there whom he continued to communicate with for years.

Scott attained his college degree from Bryant & Stratton. He was a whiz with math. He delved into the account industry, sales, banking and general management. He was a leader in his field, He excelled like a BOSS. Scott made countless friends in all of his work. He spent years enjoying these friendships, Scott was a dream coworker and nurtured the people around him to be a better employee, to be confident, to be their best.

Scott’s home was a judgement free zone and he transferred this ideal whenever he interacted with others. He has so many friends, literally countless. He nurtured his

relationships, he tended to others, he was a true soul friend to others from all points of life. Scott stood by the underdog, was a voice for others who were weak, he shared his compassion for love, for life and always with his bright, effervescent smile that lit up the room. Scott’s laugh was contagious, because it reflected his beautiful soul that exuded from inside. Scott was the life of the party.

Scott became a leader in the LGBTQ community. He was accepted and accepting of others. He was an amazing pageant promoter of Queen City Promotions. He was a pillar in the community, promoting pageants and pride. He was so proud of his pageant participants. He was an honorary judge in pageants across the region. He was respected in the community he loved, he was loved, and this community became his second family. His families became one to his joy, as truly being accepted. Scott was very protective of his little sister, as she was of him. They shared so many memories, shared friends, life experiences, side by side through all of life's ups and downs, their worst days and their best days. Like sneaking into the Italian Festival after dark when the festival was closed, each others sporting events and family functions, cheerleading, their love for music and dance, and her wedding & the brother-in-law she gave him, Dave Ennis, the brother he never had. And his nephews, Mason and Mateo, whom he simply adored. Scott will be greatly missed by her.

Whether times were tough for Scott, and he had tough times with his health and his battle with addiction, he somehow still wanted to hear, to listen and to hug others who were going through their toughest times. He was always there to lift you up when you needed him the most. He will always be appreciated.

The pain we feel with Scott’s passing weighs heavy on our hearts. There will forever be an empty spot without Scott here on this Earth.

So we will cherish our memories of you, to hear that laugh and to see that smile. We will know Scott danced his way into paradise, into eternal joy, into eternal life. So please, in memory of Scott, just is short and at times not fair. But you overcome the obstacles to enjoy life’s feasts. The good and the bad. To out live the bad and make things good is what makes you the best human you can be.

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