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30 Days of Remembrance: Chad

Chad M. Virginia, 44, of Baldwinsville, NY passed away on July 31, 2021. Chad was born in Syracuse, NY on June 29, 1977 to William and Karen Virginia. He is survived by his son Caden, daughter Caitlyn, brothers Jason and Matthew, his parents, and many extended family members.

Chad owned Equity Restoration, LLC. and was a master craftsman. He was always willing to lend a hand and often performed selfless jobs and repairs for friends, neighbors, and family. In his free time, Chad spent countless hours researching his family tree as family was most important to him. Chad loved to do things with his family including his children, nieces, nephews, and their friends. They spent many memorable times at parks, around a bonfire, or doing other fun activities. He enjoyed hunting, fishing, camping, as well as teaching his son carpentry and auto mechanics. You would often find Chad attending his children’s sporting events (baseball, football, wrestling, soccer, and gymnastics), school plays, concerts, etc. He enjoyed making holidays fun and liked to decorate for all of them. Chad was a true Yankees fan and proudly displayed his love for the team. He also enjoyed football, with the New York Giants as his favorite team.

Chad became a Ham Radio operator where he enjoyed conversations with people around the state. He became interested in developing sustainable food sources and began raising chickens and vegetable gardening. Chad was extremely intelligent and studied/analyzed world events and politics.

Message from KED

Thank you to Caitlyn and her family for sharing Chad’s story. For the past few years, Caitlyn has held a lemonade stand in honor of her dad to benefit Kids Escaping Drugs. She has raised over $10,000 for KED! We are so grateful to work with this incredible family and for their support!

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