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Let's Debunk Narcan Myths!

Narcan, also known as naloxone, is a medication used to reverse opioid overdose rapidly. While Narcan is a crucial tool in saving lives during opioid emergencies, there are some misconceptions associated with it:

1. Narcan Encourages Risky Behavior:

- Misconception: Some people believe that the availability of Narcan may encourage individuals to engage in risky opioid use.

- Clarification: Narcan is a life-saving tool and should not be viewed as a license to misuse opioids. Its presence is essential to address emergencies promptly.

2. Narcan Reverses the High:

- Misconception: There is a misconception that Narcan completely reverses the pleasurable effects of opioids.

- Clarification: Narcan reverses the life-threatening effects of opioid overdose but may not fully eliminate the intoxicating effects. Medical attention is still required.

3. Multiple Doses Are Harmful:

- Misconception: Some may think that administering multiple doses of Narcan can be harmful.

- Clarification: In severe cases of overdose, multiple doses of Narcan may be necessary. It is crucial to follow medical guidelines and seek professional help.

4. Narcan Is Only for Professionals:

- Misconception: Some believe that only medical professionals can administer Narcan.

- Clarification: Narcan is available to the public and can be administered by bystanders in emergencies. Training is recommended, but not required. Training is available to anyone, not just healthcare professionals.

5. Narcan Causes Harm:

- Misconception: Concerns exist about potential harm or side effects of Narcan administration.

- Clarification: Narcan is generally safe and effective. It is designed to reverse opioid overdose without causing harm when used appropriately.

6. Narcan Promotes Relapse:

- Misconception: There is a belief that using Narcan discourages individuals from seeking treatment for opioid addiction.

- Clarification: Narcan is a harm reduction strategy, not a solution for addiction. It provides an opportunity for individuals to survive an overdose and access treatment afterward.

It's important to dispel these misconceptions and promote the responsible use of Narcan as a life-saving measure in opioid overdose situations. Additionally, raising awareness about the importance of seeking professional help for addiction is crucial.

For more information and how to get free Narcan, click HERE. You can also obtain Narcan at KED and get in-person education & training. Call us at 716-827-9465!

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