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Teenage Alcohol Use - What to Look Out For

There are many reasons why a young person might start drinking, including:

  • Peer pressure: Adolescents are often influenced by their peers and may feel pressure to fit in or be accepted by their social group.

  • Curiosity: Teens may be curious about alcohol and want to experiment with it.

  • Stress: Adolescents may turn to alcohol as a way to cope with stress or other emotional issues.

  • Family history: If there is a family history of alcohol use disorder or addiction, a child may be at a higher risk of developing a problem with alcohol.

  • Mental health issues: Adolescents who are struggling with mental health issues such as anxiety or depression may turn to alcohol as a way to self-medicate.

  • Availability: If alcohol is readily available in the home or in their social circle, teens may be more likely to experiment with it.

It is important to talk to your child and try to understand why they may be drinking. Encourage open communication and provide them with accurate information about the risks and consequences of alcohol use. If you are concerned about your child's drinking, seek professional help from a doctor, therapist, or addiction specialist.

If you think your child might be experimenting with drugs or alcohol, we can help. You can read more about our free services including our early interventions HERE.

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